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Active Mobile Apps [Bizness Apps Case Study]

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"I've been in the mobile industry for over three years now and I don't see the demand for mobile apps slowing down anytime soon" LEIGH KOSTIAINEN Founder & CEO, Active School Apps THE RESULTS When her web design agency's growth stalled in 2012, Leigh Kostiainen knew it was time to bring something new to the table. Revenue streams were drying up, so she began her search for a service that would put her agency back on the map. She soon landed on the Bizness Apps Reseller Program, and the rest is history. DIFFERENTIATED OFFERINGS The web design market was already oversaturated with boutique agencies, and competing against giants like Wix, 1to1 and Yola proved a death sentence for many. There was no way for small agencies to distinguish themselves from their competitors to stay afloat. Recognizing this roadblock as an opportunity to start fresh, Leigh stepped away from the web world and chose her niche: mobile apps. ENTERED NEW MARKETS Partnering with Bizness Apps paved Leigh's entry to a new market. She identified a critical communication gap faced by schools everywhere, which mobile apps could fill. By presenting this solution from the perspective of the end users—the students and parents who would benefit from it every day—she learned how to sell benefits, not just features. Schools quickly saw the advantages of mobile, from streamlined processes to happier families that finally felt heard. NEW REVENUE STREAMS Just 3 years later, Active Mobile Apps now has 200 apps in their portfolio. For Leigh, it wasn't just about selling, but making an innovative solution a reality for clients who never would have mobilized on their own. She knew mobile apps were the future then, and the same is true today. The mobile app industry continues to grow at an exponential rate. It's just about joining it. Active School Apps Discovers New Revenue Streams Working with Bizness Apps COMPANY Active Mobile Apps INDUSTRY Digital Marketing LOCATION Sydney, AUS $150,000 in new revenue $120,000 in annual recurring revenue 200 apps built on Bizness Apps "I learned to look ahead of the curve for a new trend, and that was mobile apps." LEIGH KOSTIAINEN

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