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Apptology Case Study [Bizness Apps Case Study]

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"Bizness Apps is a quick, affordable solution for our budgetconscious clients." RICH FOREMAN Founder & CEO, Apptology THE RESULTS Rich Foreman was a seasoned marketing professional with more than 15 years' experience when he was laid off from his Silicon Valley job. Forced to start from scratch, he founded Apptology, a custom mobile app development company. Custom apps can be prohibitively expensive for small clients and large agencies alike, but Foreman never thought there could be a high quality alternative for his smaller budget clients. IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM Foreman first encountered Bizness Apps when Apptology was submitting a bid to a small business. The client objected to the price, given the convenience (and price tag) of building a single app on the Bizness Apps platform. This was Foreman's "aha" moment. Not every SMB could afford Apptology's level of expertise, but they didn't necessarily need it either. Without a lower price point, Apptology was forced to constantly be on the hunt for a new deal. This misstep cost him tons of potential revenue from clients he'd essentially shown out the door. After partnering with Bizness Apps, Apptology was able to enter new markets previously inaccessible to them, quickly landing more than 80 new clients. PARTNERING IN SUCCESS Bizness Apps has played a pivotal role in Apptology's success, adding revenue to their bottom line with new projects worth over $146,000 and adding monthly recurring revenue of over $5,000. Pair this with the marketing upsells and custom work, and you'll see why Apptology is considered one of the best mobile app developers and digital marketing agencies in California. Apptology Partners with Bizness Apps and Generates Over $146,000 in Revenue COMPANY Apptology EMPLOYEES 1050 INDUSTRY Digital Marketing LOCATION Sacramento, CA $146,000 in new revenue $60,000 in annual recurring revenue 127 apps built on Bizness Apps "Bizness Apps has a good balance of having a robust platform and a cost effective pricing." RICH FOREMAN

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