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"We chose Bizness Apps because of the feature set, ease of use for the partner and pricing was the best we found." CHRIS YANO Co‐Founder & President, RYNO Strategic Solutions THE RESULTS Chris Yano founded RYNO Strategic Solutions in 2009. As a full-service digital agency, it provided SEO, website design and PPC management for large and small businesses. RYNO soon became profitable enough to open a second office, but Chris saw even greater potential. He wanted to set RYNO apart from the competition by offering a solution they didn't: mobile apps. RYNO partnered with Bizness Apps in 2012 and have since published over 240 apps. DIFFERENTIATION RYNO began using apps to entice competitors' clients. They held a clear advantage in the mobile space, frequently drawing business over from their far less dynamic competitors. This transformed RYNO from a small player to an industry leader—and eventually a trusted Google Agency Partner. Mobile apps led to higher revenue, more prestigious honors, and a complete revitalization of their business model and partnerships. FULL SERVICE SOLUTIONS With mobile apps, RYNO created new business with existing internet marketing leads and clients. They sold apps to smaller clients, who would return to them for all of their other services. Using the established relationship as a starter, RYNO sold services as a package, leading to bigger, better sales. The successes of their app campaigns set RYNO up for the same level of success in their digital marketing efforts, earning the trust of clients who expected and received the same quality delivered across their products. BY THE NUMBERS Since 2012, RYNO has generated over $512,000 in revenue from mobile apps alone, and over $1,400,000 in new revenue from using apps as an upsell for other marketing services. RYNO also recently built apps for athletes for up to $20,000. RYNO Solutions sees significant boost in revenue after partnering with Bizness Apps COMPANY RYNO Strategic Solutions INDUSTRY Digital Marketing LOCATION Phoenix, AZ, Indianapolis, IN $512,000 in app revenue $1,400,000 in total revenue from app upsells 240 apps built on Bizness Apps "We wanted to set our digital agency apart from our competitors by offering a solution they didn't."

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