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We believed in the market and most of all, we believed in Bizness Apps. KONSTANTIN SHTEIMAN Co‐Founder & Director of Technology and R&D, App‐Global THE RESULTS Konstantin Shteiman was well-versed in the tech industry and in search of the next big thing when he met online marketing expert Eugene Hodchenkov. They co-founded App-Global and began building and selling custom apps for small businesses. Quickly realizing the costs of custom development wouldn't allow them to be successful, App-Global was forced to find a better solution to survive. PARTNERING WITH BIZNESS APPS App-Global found a few options in online app builders, and in November 2012 they chose Bizness Apps. They started off well as a reseller, consistently adding new clients until they reached what they felt was their ceiling. Then came the real "a-ha" moment. Shteiman and App-Global widened their net by upgrading to the Bizness Apps Enterprise program. Now that they had their own reseller program, they could create and sell an exponential number of apps. It was a win-win situation. App-Global was earning new revenue and simultaneously increasing mobile awareness throughout the Russian market. More small businesses gained access to a great tool for client engagement and increased sales, and individuals became entrepreneurs in the mobile industry or expanded existing portfolio. ENTERPRISE AND BEYOND App-Global earns monthly fees from nearly 300 resellers. They are the biggest, most successful Bizness Apps partner and have over 1,000 published and live in the Google Play Store and 486 are available in the App Store. App‐Global elevates to Bizness Apps Enterprise and quickly becomes the top mobile provider in Russia COMPANY APP-GLOBAL EMPLOYEES 15-20 LOCATION ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA $280,000 in reseller setup fees $721,000 in annual reseller fee revenue 1,018 live Android Apps "We realized we could create and sell more apps by joining the Bizness Apps enterprise program" 486 live iOS apps

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