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How To Pitch and Win Business to Non-profits [Webinar]

August 20, 2015

Targeting small businesses is a great way to dive into mobile marketing, but agencies are missing out if they're not tackling non-profits and the public sector. These two verticals present a HUGE opportunity to elevate and expand your mobile app agency. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to score endless new business opportunities by tapping into non-profits and the public sector
  • Which types of organizations see the greatest need for mobile apps and will return the highest sales
  • How to maximize interest by highlighting key features and demonstrating their added value
  • How one man has mastered these two industries with real-life case studies and how you can too

To learn more about selecting a niche industry for your mobile marketing agency, tune into our webinar: How to Pick & Own an industry in Mobile App Sales

Download the slides for this webinar here.


About Rich Foreman:
Rich is the CEO and co-founder of Apptology.  He recently co-authored his first book, Tap into the Mobile Economy. Rich leads Apptology with 20 years of experience in leadership, engineering, mobile applications, development, and sales. 

About Megan Chin:
Megan joined Bizness Apps over two years ago and is now one of our senior employees. She started in customer support and is now a Customer Success Manager. She's a reseller program expert who works directly with agency clients and provides them with the tools needed for mobile success.
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