Increase Your Agency's Value With Mobile Apps [Webinar]

September 29, 2015

Has a prospective client ever been let down by your pitch? Have you lost a client to competitors because they pitched a more mobile-centric marketing strategy? Mobile apps not only add value to your clients’ marketing strategy, but provide your agency with a predictable revenue model.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Myths about apps, busted!
  • How does my agency fit in and why should I offer mobile apps?
  • How do I sell apps? Who is the buyer? What's the usual buying process for apps?

To learn more about integrating mobile apps into your existing agency, check out our webinar: How Your Agency Can Easily Offer Mobile Apps

You can find the PDF of the slides for this webinar here

About Danny Mason:
Danny Mason is the VP of Sales at Bizness Apps. Danny has been in SAAS marketing and sales roles for over 5 years and has extensive experience working with agencies to integrate mobile apps into their service offerings.
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